Dr.Web - one of the first antiviruses in the world

The development of Dr.Web Anti-virus began in the first half of the 90s of the XX century, when the Internet was only developing and had not yet become a “global network”, and only a few enterprises could afford access to the global network.

Dr.Web has been at the peak of popularity almost since its inception - in the mid-90s in Russia there was not a single computer on which Dr.Web would not be installed. This high-quality, high-tech product has existed for over 25 years in the exceptionally tough, highly competitive antivirus market.


The company has its own original core - in the world only a few companies have their own core, while most licensed it from other antivirus manufacturers. Dr.Web uses many effective, often unique, non-signature technologies in the core.


A distinctive feature of Dr.Web virus database is that just one virus entry in it allows you to neutralize tens or hundreds, and sometimes even thousands of viruses similar to each other! Even a smaller number of virus entries in the database compared to some other programs makes it possible to detect with a high degree of probability malware that is not yet known (not included in the database), which will be created on the basis of existing ones.

Doctor Web programs in our store:

34      7945 
Dr. Web Katana
from 3293
4192 ₸
18      7066 
Dr. Web Katana. License renewal
from 1977
2515 ₸
17      5863 
Dr. Web Mobile Security
from 1493
41      9278 
Dr. Web Security Space. License renewal
from 4046
4946 ₸
21      9123 
Dr. Web Security Space
from 4043


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