Dr. Web Katana. License renewal

Dr. Web Katana. License renewal
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Non-signature anti-virus for proactive protection against the latest active threats, targeted attacks and intrusion attempts, including using vulnerabilities "zero day", which is not yet known to your antivirus.

  • Manufacturer: Dr.Web

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  • It protects critical areas of the system from modifications by malware.
  • It identifies and stops malicious, suspicious, or unreliable scripts and processes.
  • Detects unwanted changes in files, tracking all processes in search of action, typical behavior of malware (e.g., actions of ransomware), not allowing malware to infiltrate the processes of other programs.
  • Detects and neutralizes the latest threats: Trojans (light), injectors, remotely controlled malicious objects (distributed for the organization of botnets and espionage), as well as viral packers.
  • Protects against exploits — malicious objects trying to penetrate the system to exploit vulnerabilities, including those not yet known to anyone except the criminals (the so-called vulnerability "zero day").
  • Controls the operation of the most popular browsers, and any plug-ins to them; it protects against browser blockers.
  • Blocks the ability to change the malware boot disc to fail to start (for example, Trojans) on your computer.
  • Prevents off safe mode Windows, blocking the registry changes.
  • Prevents malicious programs add to the logic of the operating system, the performance of new tasks, we need attackers. Block number of settings in the Windows registry which does not, for example, to change the virus the normal display
  • tion of your Desktop or to hide the presence of the Trojan in the system by using rootkit.
  • Prevents malware from changing launch programs.
  • Suppresses loading new or unknown drivers without the user's knowledge.
  • Block autorun malware, as well as certain applications for example, anti-virus, not allowing them to register for the subsequent run.
  • Blocks registry branch, responsible for virtual device drivers, which makes it impossible to install a new virtual device.
  • Blocks communication between the spyware components and manage the server.
  • Prevents malware from disrupting the normal operation of system services, for example, to intervene in a regular backup of files.
  • Does not conflict with other antivirus vendors.


  • Neutralizes the newest, not yet known to your antivirus threats, designed to bypass detection by traditional signature-based scan and heuristic analysis.
  • Provides security almost since the launch of the operating system — Dr. Web Katana starts to defend before the end
  • download the traditional signature-based antivirus!
  • Unlike traditional anti-virus.Web Katana almost does not consume resources.
  • Controls all the system processes, the characteristic behavior identifies malicious and blocks them. Analyzes the behavior of each
  • the running program on the fly, checking the constantly updated reputation cloud Dr. Web, and on the basis of current knowledge,
  • how malware would behave, make a conclusion about its dangers, and then taking the necessary steps to neutralise the threat.
  • Does not require any configuration and starts to operate effectively immediately after installation.
  • Protects even without computer access to the Internet.

In the price includes updates and technical support. http://support.drweb.com/

Windows 10/8/8.1/7/Vista SP2/XP SP2+ (32-bit)
Windows 10/8/8.1/7/Vista SP2 (64-bit)

RAM: at least 100 MB.

Free space on hard disk: ~150 MB. Temporary files created during installation will require additional space.
Optional: access to the Internet to register and receive updates.

1. Download the distribution using the Wizard downloads.

2. Register the product following the instructions:

  • To obtain a key file for Dr. Web, you must register using a valid email address. Key file will be sent to this e-mail after registering and checking of the address.
  • Save a copy of the key file (s) and serial number Dr.Web in a safe place, preferably on a separate carrier — this will be useful for you to receive a discount for renewal and when requests to support.
  • You need to check in here

2. Install and activate the product.


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