Dr. Web Security Space

Dr. Web Security Space
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In Dr. Web Security Space-enabled software products to provide comprehensive protection for Windows, Android and antivirus for Mac OS X, Linux.

  • Manufacturer: Dr.Web

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Protection components Dr. Web Security Space for Windows

  • Antivirus — block the entrance to protected system viruses and malware will be cured from already infiltrated viruses.

  • Antispam — with high probability recognizes spam regardless of the language messages at close to zero percent false positives.

  • Web antivirus SpIDer Gate® — will provide checks web pages in real time, blocks phishing and other dangerous Internet resources.

  • Parental control — blocks sites by keywords in the URL and will protect children from visiting undesirable web resources. Function deny access to files, folders and removable media makes it impossible to unauthorized use, destruction or theft of information.

  • Network — help Dr. Web, installed on computers within the same LAN remotely.

  • Firewall — erected barrier to attempts by hackers to invade your computer.

  • Cryptographer Atlansys Bastion Pro - will Securely store valuable information in an encrypted form and will eliminate unnecessary data without possibility of recovery.

Protection components Dr. Web anti-virus for OS X

  • Antivirus — block the entrance to protected system viruses and malware will be cured from already infiltrated viruses.

    Web antivirus SpIDer Gate® — will provide checks web pages in real time, blocks phishing and other dangerous Internet resources.

Protection components Dr. Web anti-virus for Linux

  • Antivirus — block the entrance to protected system viruses and malware will be cured from already infiltrated viruses.

    Web antivirus SpIDer Gate® — will provide checks web pages in real time, blocks phishing and other dangerous Internet resources.


Effective detection and treatment of all types of threats (Scanner Dr. Web)

  • More quick scan for threats by optimising the Dr. Web Scanning Engine.
  • High-speed scanning with multiple scanning threads in multiprocessor systems.
  • Thorough scanning of RAM, boot sectors, hard drives and removable media for viruses, Trojans and other malware.
  • Detection of active virus threats only.
  • Extensive database to detect spyware, potentially harmful, adware, hacking tools and joke programs.
  • Scanner Dr. Web Shield™ detects complex viruses that use rootkit-technology and able to conceal his presence in the infected system.
  • Console scanner which is also part of Dr. Web intended for experienced users and allows you to run scanning from the command line. It contains a wide range of configuration options and is designed in particular to work in multiprocessor systems.

Protection in real time (file monitor SpIDer Guard)

  • The SpIDer Guard file monitor constantly monitors the health of computer — to intercept "on the fly" access files on disks, diskettes, CD/DVD/Blu-ray drives, flash - and smart cards.
  • Highly resistant to attempts by malicious programs to disrupt operation of SpIDer Guard or stop his work.
  • Implemented in anti-virus engine Dr. Web technology to dynamically monitor the availability of resources and limit the "appetite" of antivirus without reducing the effectiveness of the protection.
  • High performance on machines with intensive file stream (with heavy use of file systems, for example, when downloading files with torrent and sharing trackers, compiling and rendering).

Protection against unknown threats (Preventive protection)

The range of technologies included in the Preventive protection of Dr. Web enhances traditional signature-based protection Dr. Web, complementing her newest non-signature detection (behavioral) tools. Thanks to a proactive Dr.Web is capable of:

  • to protect against the penetration of new, highly prolific malicious programs designed to bypass detection by traditional signature and heuristic mechanisms, objects that are not yet available for analysis in the virus laboratory and, therefore, not known to the virus database Dr. Web at the time of entry into the system;
  • to recognize undesirable changes to the user files, tracking all processes in search of action typical for the processes of malicious programs (for example, actions of Trojan encoders), not allowing malware to infiltrate the processes of other programs;
  • to find and neutralize the newest, not yet known to the virus database Dr. Web threats: Trojans (light), injectors, remotely controlled malicious objects (distributed for the organization of botnets and espionage), as well as viral packers.

And that's just some of the possibilities of Preventive protection Dr. Web.

A high level of self-defense

Immune to any attempts of malicious programs to Dr.Web down provides which has no analogues in the antivirus market component of self-defense Dr. Web SelfPROtect.

  • Dr. Web SelfPROtect is implemented as a driver that operates at the lowest system level. Upload and it cannot be stopped until the system is rebooted.
  • Dr. Web SelfPROtect restricts access of malicious objects to the network, files and folders, some registry branches and removable media to the system driver level and protects against attempts by anti-antivirus programs to stop functioning Dr. Web.
  • Unlike some competing products, modifying the core of Windows (intercepting the interrupt table, substitute vectors using undocumented functions, etc.) that can lead to serious problems in the operating system itself, and creates new ways to exploit the protection module of Dr. Web SelfPROtect is completely self-contained.
  • SelfPROtect is the ability to automatically repair its own modules.

New Dr. Web HyperVisor enabled to improve the detection and treatment of threats, and strengthen self-defense Dr.Web by leveraging the capabilities of modern processors. The component works at the lowest possible level of the operating system that ensures that all programs, processes and performance of the OS, as well as the inability to intercept malware of control over the protected Dr. Web system.

This approach has allowed developers Dr. Web to overcome the limitations of on antivirus features 64-bit operating systems, forcing the antivirus to function on the same level as malware.

Is compatible with system virtualization VirtualBox, VmWare, Hyper-V, Parallels.


Mail without viruses, spam and unwanted messages (postal Mail SpIDеr antivirus + antispam)

  • Checking all traffic on all ports is passed by supported by Dr. Web protocols, including secure connections (if the user has enabled the option to scan SSL).
  • Mail monitor SpIDer Mail scans mail before entering the mail into the client and does not provide malware — carrier, which is basically spam to exploit vulnerabilities in the software.
  • Scan email for viruses and spam in real-time via SMTP/POP3/NNTP/IMAP4.
  • The scan encrypted SSL-connections (SMTPS/POP3S/IMAP4S).
  • Checking does not affect your email program and does not increase the time of reception of the mail.
  • Individual processing rules for each type of malware — viruses, potentially dangerous, and adware, hack tools, paid dialers, programs-jokes.
  • Protection against mass mailing worms mail messages by analyzing the composition and time of departure of outgoing messages, which can be concluded that the virus activity.


  • The anti-spam doesn't require configuration and starts working as soon as the first message.
  • Different filtering technologies ensure the high probability of detecting spam, phishing, pharming, scamming and bounce-messages.
  • Protection from botnets provider does not disconnect you, Internet access for sending spam.
  • Filtered messages are not deleted but are moved to a special folder in your email program where you can check them at any convenient time in the presence of false positives.
  • Module spam analyzer completely Autonomous; its work does not require connection to an external server or access to a database that allows you to save traffic.

Filtering the Internet traffic (web anti-virus SpIDer Gate)

  • Thanks to the recycling system anti-virus scan traffic Dr.Web Net filtering Service the process of downloading large files is greatly accelerated; the resulting scanning streaming media — online-video viewing and listening to Internet radio now happen without delay. Processor load is significantly reduced when operating as through the popular browsers, or through download managers. Fans Dr.Web and network games will notice the difference in speed checks!
  • New settings exceptions for acceleration of scanning. Thus, of checks can be eliminated:
    • data transmitted via HTTPS Protocol;
    • the traffic of a trusted application with a valid digital signature.
    The new capabilities will allow without significant loss in security to avoid conflicts Dr.Web with third-party software when filtering traffic.
  • Web antivirus SpIDer Gate in real-time transparently scans HTTP-traffic intercepts all HTTP connections, makes filtering data, automatically blocks infected pages in any web browser, scans files in archives (for example, downloads through download managers, and many other applications that exchange data with web servers), protects against phishing and other dangerous Internet resources.
  • Safe Internet traffic — checks all traffic on all ports is passed by supported by Dr. Web protocols, including secure connections (if the user has enabled the option to scan SSL).
  • Safe Internet surfing — while the user is in the search engines Google, Yandex, Yahoo!, Bing, Rambler in the search results are displayed only secure from the point of view of search engines and Dr.Web sites due to the activation of the search functionality "Safe search" — unsafe content is eliminated by the search engines!
  • Secure communication — filtering traffic of instant messengers Mail.Ru Agent, ICQ, Jabber. Found links leading to malware and phishing sites are removed from messages. Is a virus checker for attachments to be forwarded, the transmission of potentially dangerous files is blocked.
  • The scan encrypted SSL-connections (HTTPS).
  • Ban access to websites used to distribute malware or potentially harmful programs to phishing sites and sites that use social engineering techniques to deceive visitors
  • A separate database of sites that distribute unlicensed content, protection of content rights holders.
  • Disable checking outgoing or incoming traffic, as well as the formation of the list of apps, the HTTP traffic which will be checked in any case and in full (the black list). There is also the possibility of exclusion from the inspection of individual applications (white list).
  • Setting the priority scan traffic (balance check). Balancing affects the distribution of resources of the computer processor and the speed of the Internet.
  • The SpIDer Gate does not depend on the browser used.
  • Filtering virtually no impact on PC performance, speed and the amount of transferred data.
  • In the "default" does not require any configuration: Dr. web SpIDer Gate starts scanning right after installation in the system.
  • Check the URL on the company's servers "Doctor Web" through the service of Dr. Web Cloud. When you attempt to navigate the user to the websites URL is sent to check on the company's servers "Doctor Web". The test is performed in real time regardless of the status of the virus database Dr. Web on the user's computer and update settings

Parental control

Concern for the safety of children and loved ones. Control web surfing and lock (Parental control Dr. Web)

Secure Internet traffic

  • Check network traffic on all ports.
  • Check the URL on the company's servers "Doctor Web" through the service of Dr. Web Cloud in real time — regardless of the status of the virus database Dr. Web on the user's computer and update settings.
  • Block web sites in 12 thematic groups (arms, drugs, games, pornography, etc.).
  • The protection of children against exposure to objectionable content.

Restrict access to PC and Internet

  • The time limitation of the user experience on the Internet and the computer.
  • Blocking changes to system time and time zone — prevent child's computer in an unauthorized parents time.
  • "Interval limit of time" (with a half-hour step) — the ability to set the time that the child can spend at the computer during the day.
  • Automatically block access to your PC for the night.
  • Profiles to configure a "time Limitation".

Blocking access to files and folders

  • Ban the use of individual files and directories — an additional opportunity to protect your data and important information from the removal or theft by hackers.
  • Set the type of access specified objects (block access or allow read-only) — extension of the ability to restrict access to files and folders.


  • Profiles Parental control settings separately for each user.
  • The ability to copy settings between user accounts.
  • The ability to disable Parental control for a specific account.

Security management of all computers in your family (network)

  • In anti-virus network component enables remote administration and configuration of Dr. Web, installed on computers within one local network.
  • Remote management is not required to install the control Center Dr. Web.
  • The connection is possible from any computer to any other computer.
  • The administration includes retrieval of statistics and logs from a remote machine, viewing and changing module settings, and starting and stopping. You can also register a serial number and replace a key file on a remote computer.
  • Remote access requires enabling such access on a remote computer.


Protection against network attacks (Firewall Dr. Web)

  • Protection against unauthorized access, prevent leaks of sensitive data over the network, blocking suspicious connections at the packet level, and applications.
  • Firewall Dr.Web uses its own database of trusted applications. Power of attorney application based on a digital certificate — all programs, legitimate from the point of view of Dr. The Web can connect to any address via any port. Exception: if the application does not have a valid signature, has an invalid digital signature or does not have it at all (for example, "samopisny" or open source) — you are prompted to create a rule.
  • Connection control at the application level allows you to control access of various application and processes to network resources and record information on access attempts in the application log.
  • Filtering at the packet level allows you to control access to the Internet regardless of which program initiates connection. Packet filter log stores information about packets sent over network interfaces.
  • The so-called "game mode", if enabled a window with a request to create a rule appears on top of any application running in full screen mode.
  • Monitoring applications that use the network in real time, with the possibility to close the connection.

Safety information and removing unnecessary data without possibility of recovery (Cryptographer Atlansys Bastion Pro*)

  • Encryption information in a special file container that cannot be accessed without knowing the password.
  • Support of most known encryption algorithms.
  • Connected secret disk is available as a normal logical disk system.
  • Working safely with encrypted information as a separate computer and network connection.
  • Delete unneeded files without possibility of recovery contained in them.
  • No special knowledge is required. Detailed help system allows you to quickly learn the various features.

Personal area "My Dr. Web"

Your personal assistant and guide services

Support and archive queries

Contact form support is on the "Support" tab. There you will find a-hour telephone support (calls within Russia are free!) and the reference to call a virtual engineer, which is in the mode of remote access to your computer will resolve your problem associated with viruses.
To go to the archive of your requests, click on the link "History of queries".


Handy helpers purchase, renewal or extension of the license of Dr. Web in your dashboard will tell you how to choose the right license.


All your licenses are stored in this section. You can at any time view the status of the licenses and all its settings and also to obtain contact information of its provider. Near serial number there are links to the renewal and extension of licenses.

Restore blocked key

If your key is blocked due to piracy (alas, this happens quite often), you free once to restore the license. To do this, go to "License is Blocked" and near locked license click on the "Replace serial number". New key file for Dr. Web will be sent to the email address you specified when registering the license.

Expansion wizard

If you already use Dr.Web and have purchased a new computer or laptop that need Dr protection.Web extension license is free for up to 5 PC under the condition that the end of the period of validity of your license in 3 months or less. In other cases, the extension is made with a discount for renewal. To expand the license is available in your dashboard in the "My Dr. Web."


The first message that you will see in this section, — notification about registration of your license Dr.Web. In the future, receives reminders from the company "Doctor Web" about the imminent expiration of license and renewal options. These messages are sent to the email address specified during registration of your license. Messages associated with the license are stored in this section during the period of its validity, and another 60 days after its completion.

You can also subscribe to free SMS alerts and get a mobile phone message about the end of the license period and the attempts of illegal use of your license.

How to login to my Dr. Web?

For this you first need to become a user of Dr. Web and install the program on a PC, Mac or mobile device.

After the installation of Dr. Web the item "My Dr. Web" will appear in the application menu Dr.Web in the notification area in the lower right corner of the monitor.


The company "Doctor Web" pays great attention to educating users in the basics of computer literacy. Here you will find a list of available exams and be able to go to the registration page for the exam. After successful completion you can download in this section of your certificate of Dr. Web.

Services for Windows

  • Dr Cloud.Web

    Using online cloud services Dr.Web Cloud, if you connect a PC to the Internet when attempting to transition the user to a websites, the URL sent to check on the company's servers "Doctor Web". The test is performed in real time regardless of the status of the virus database Dr. Web on the computer.

  • Protection against data loss (backup)

    Will protect from damage all files encrypted by the Trojan-cryptographer, creating regular backups. Just turn on the DLP, and if a Trojan gets to your files, you can restore them yourself without having to request technical support "Doctor Web". Unlike conventional backup programs, Dr. Web creates and protects from hacker attempts to access the repository with copies of the files.

  • Lock removable devices

    Most modern threats — Trojans, who are not able to spread on its own. People spread Trojan horses from one PC to the stick. Dr. Web provides the function of blocking access to removable drives — flash cards and any devices that use a USB port for PC connection, including Webcams, cameras and MP3 players.

Dr. Web Security Space for Android

Protection against all types of malware for Android devices

  • Antivirus
    Protects against Trojans and other malware
    Parental control
  • Will protect app against unauthorized access, and antivirus settings from unwanted changes by unauthorized or children.
  • Help to find the mobile device in case it is lost or stolen and, if necessary, remotely wipe confidential information from it
    Filter calls and SMS
  • To avoid unwanted calls and SMS messages
    Cloud URL filter
  • Will restrict access to undesirable Internet resources, regardless of the status of the virus database on your Dr.Web for Android
  • Monitor network activity of applications
    Security auditor
  • To make a diagnosis, identify security problems and offers solutions to address them


  • Automatic updates
  • Protection account password
  • A single event-window safety device
  • Backup settings
  • Statistics of operation of protection components
  • Quarantine
  • The license Manager
  • Personal area "My Dr. Web"

The Possibility Of Dr. Web

  • Quick or full file system scans, as well as checking the scanner individual files and folders by user request.
  • Detects new, unknown malware using the unique Origins Tracing™technology.
  • Check file system in real-time monitor SpIDer Guard when trying to save files in the device memory.
  • The moves detected threats to the quarantine files can be restored from there.

And also:

  • Minimal effect on the speed of the operating system.
  • The careful use of resources battery.
  • Economizes traffic due to the small size of updates for virus databases, which is especially important for users of limit mobile tariffs.
  • Detailed statistics on the antivirus.
  • Handy and informative desktop widgets to access the application.

The possibility of Parental control Dr. Web

  • When you set up Parental control Dr. Web your children (or anyone else having access to your smartphone) will not be able to attend undesirable from your point of view of the web page. Access to them is closed on a Black list or a themed group of sites (gambling, social networks, etc.). Also no one but you can modify White and Black lists of URL filter.
  • Parental control Dr. Web will not allow the child to add to the Filter calls and SMS unwanted numbers. Thus the child will be protected from calls from unknown numbers to reach him only those whom you know.
  • Parental control Dr. Web block access to the child's unnecessary from your point of view of the application and will not allow him to run them.
  • Parental control Dr. Web will not allow the child to override your restrictive settings.


The Parental control settings Dr. Web password-protected account. Password sets the administrator (i.e. you).

Possible Anti-Theft Dr.Web


Anti-Theft Dr.Web protect information stored on the device from intruders by locking device after the occurrence of any of the following events:

  • After a reboot
  • After changing SIM card
  • If you enter incorrect unlock password

For this we need to customize this component.


If The Anti-Theft Dr.Web your device is locked, it unlock is possible through:

  • SMS, including those sent from trusted contacts
  • password unlock
  • through the online service unlock anti-theft

Trusted contacts

Create a list of numbers of people close to you. From these numbers you can control the anti-theft Dr.Web and including unlock your phone if you forgot the unlock password.

These people will receive notifications on changing the SIM card on your lost device.


Anti-Theft Dr.Web will tell you the GPS coordinates of the device in the form of links to Google Maps and show it on a map if you forgot where you left it or lost it.

If the device is lost or stolen, you can remotely turn on the missing device a loud alarm sound — siren works after the occurrence of alarm events and screen lock Antitheft Dr. Web.

You can also specify the text that the finder of the phone or tablet will see on the screen of the blocked device when it is detected.

Deleting data

Remotely erase data on the phone and on the SD card — if you are sure that the phone is lost forever — your confidential information will not fall into the wrong hands.


Access anti-theft settings can be password protected from unauthorized changes. The password set by the administrator when configuring the account antivirus.

Features Filter calls and SMS Dr.Web

Predefined filtering profiles:

  • To take all incoming calls and SMS messages
  • Block all
  • Contact list — this option will be ignored incoming calls and SMS messages only from phone numbers in the phonebook of the device.
  • Black list — blocks all calls and (or) SMS from the numbers included in this list.

The ability to create an unlimited number of custom profiles.

For each of them, you can generate a list of numbers and determine the action (pass/block).


Access to the settings Filter calls and messages can be password protected from unauthorized changes. The password set by the administrator when configuring the account antivirus.

Capabilities URL filter

  • Provides access control to resources on the Internet via the built-in Android browser and also Google Chrome, Google Chrome Beta, Firefox, Opera, Opera mini, Next, Amazon Silk, Yandex.Browser, Yandex.Browser Lite, Boat Browser and Boat Browser Mini, Adblock Browser, Dolphin Browser, Satellite, UME browser, Microsoft Edge.
  • Controls access to undesirable and dangerous sites according to several groups
  • White and Black lists of resources, access to which is allowed regardless of other settings, URL filter

It is particularly useful if the device uses a child who is not yet aware of the dangers of visiting certain resources.

Access to the settings of the URL filter can be password protected from unauthorized changes. The password set by the administrator when configuring the account antivirus.

Firewall Features Dr. Web

  • Filtering external network traffic of the applications installed on the device and system applications in accordance with the user's choice (wifi, cellular) and custom rules (by IP addresses and/or ports, the whole networking areas address);
  • Monitoring as live traffic and already passed – in obtaining information about the addresses/ports, which connect application and the size of incoming and outgoing traffic;
  • The detailed logs.

Possible security Auditor

Detects applications with highest priority of SMS processing

Such applications can block the work of Dr anti-theft.Web and filter SMS messages as the first to process all incoming messages and commands. In some cases, such applications are malicious and can pose a security device.

Reveal hidden device administrators

Such applications do not exist in the list of administrators and can't be removed with standard tools Android. With high probability such applications are unsafe.

You will find vulnerabilities and system settings that affect the security of the device

Using the vulnerability, attackers can add programming code in a number of applications, without changing their cryptographic signatures, resulting in the application data can begin to perform functions that represent a threat to the security of the device, or to access confidential user data.

For Dr.Web Security Space

  • Windows 10/8/7/Vista (64-bit) and Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP SP2 (32-bit)
  • MacOS 10.7+
  • GNU/Linux distributions on Intel x86/amd64-based kernel 2.6.37+ and uses the library glibc 2.13+

Antivirus for Windows

  • Windows 10/8/7/Vista (64-bit) and Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP SP2 (32-bit).
  • Free RAM: at least 512 MB.
  • Free space on hard disk: ~750 MB. Temporary files created during installation will require additional space.

Antivirus for OS X

  • OS X 10.7 and later
  • RAM in accordance with the requirements of the OS
  • Access the Internet for registration and updates.

Antivirus for Linux

  • Operating system: GNU/Linux distributions running on the Intel platform x86/amd64-based kernel 2.6.37 (and later) and uses the library glibc 2.13 (and later).
  • At least 512 MB of free disk space.
  • Access the Internet to register and receive updates.

Dr. Web Security Space for Android

Android OS 4.0 — 7.1, Android TV

1. Download the distribution using the Wizard downloads.

2. Register the product following the instructions:

  • To obtain a key file for Dr. Web, you must register using a valid email address. Key file will be sent to this e-mail after registering and checking of the address.
  • Save a copy of the key file (s) and serial number Dr.Web in a safe place, preferably on a separate carrier — this will be useful for you to receive a discount for renewal and when requests to support.
  • You need to check in here

2. Install and activate the product following the instructions.


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