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Windows 11 Home. Brings you closer to what you love

Multi-tasking made even easier

The easy-to-use, thoughtful, and modern interface of Windows 11 makes it easy to interact. In addition to pinned apps and search, the Start menu provides access to your files, including those you've opened on your other devices. Widgets are also in Windows 11, these mini-apps will show you what's important to you: from the weather, exchange rates and match results, to your calendar appointments, tasks from the To Do list and pictures from OneDrive.

Multi-tasking made even easier

Snap Layouts make it easier than ever to place multiple windows on the screen - one move of the mouse and Windows 11 will offer 4 to 6 options for placing applications on the screen. And Snap Groups will help you return a group of previously configured applications in one click, even if you switched to another application or minimized all windows. In addition, Windows 11 can remember the location of windows on a connected external monitor, and return them back when reconnecting. More opportunities have received and Virtual desktops (Desktops).

Chats and video calls directly from the Taskbar

Windows 11 comes with a personal version of Microsoft Teams. With it, communication with those who are dear to you becomes simple and comfortable: in the application, you can start a chat, voice or video call with just one click. Your buddies can use Teams on PCs and mobile devices running Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS. At the same time, Microsoft Teams will help not only in communication, but also in organizing life: in chats, you can maintain general task lists, assign tasks, schedule online meetings on the calendar, and, of course, conveniently share files.

The best Windows for gaming

Windows 11 provides even more options for PC gamers. If your screen supports HDR, the Auto HDR feature will automatically increase the dynamic range of over 1,000 games, making them more colorful by displaying a much wider gamut of colors. And on computers with DirectStorage support, games and game worlds will load much faster. The Xbox app is now built into Windows and with an Xbox Game Pass subscription (sold separately) you can access over 100 high-quality games.

Applications for educational, creative and other tasks

The new Microsoft Store, the app store built into Windows 11, has thousands of apps for just about anything. Finding applications has become easier, and their choice is much wider. If a computer is your study companion, you'll appreciate the built-in features as well. For example, the Calculator app has learned how to graph functions, and the Microsoft Edge browser includes a Collections feature that is great for collecting and organizing presentation materials.

Security from chip to cloud

Windows 11 improves basic security - By meeting hardware requirements, today's Windows 11 devices are significantly more secure out of the box. Built-in capabilities can help protect your credentials, documents, and other files from various types of cyber threats.

More accessibility and inclusiveness

Windows 11 is the version of Windows with the most inclusive features, adding new features to the rich features of Windows 10. For example, for users with visual impairments, new Contrasting themes have appeared and the Color Filters settings interface has been updated. The new Windows system sounds are designed to be comfortable for users with hearing disabilities. Among other important inclusive innovations is the possibility of dictation - voice input of text, which for the first time became available in Russian.

Solve tasks more productively on modern devices

Windows 11 lets you get more out of modern devices with the latest hardware to improve performance, stability, and security*. Waking up from sleep and signing in with Windows Hello** is faster. The touch screen capabilities have been expanded, for example, using gestures with three / four fingers, it has become possible to switch between applications and tables. The digital pen experience and the way you interact with Windows 11 tablets and 2-in-1 devices have been updated.

*- Learn more about the benefits of modern compliant devices Update on Windows 11 minimum system requirements and the PC Health Check app
**- When using biometric sensors, Windows Hello login will require a fingerprint reader or IR camera or other biometric sensors.

Minimum system and computer requirements

These are the minimum system requirements that a computer must meet in order to provide a great computing experience.

  • Processors and CPUs (Central Processing Units ): 1 Or faster with 2 or more cores that appear in the list of approved CPUs. The processor on the computer will be the main factor that determines how Windows 11 will run. The clock speed (1 or faster need) and the number of cores (2 or more) are an integral part of the processor as it is released and are not considered upgradeable components.

  • RAM: 4 GB. If your computer has less than 4 GB of memory, you can sometimes upgrade options to get more RAM. Check your computer manufacturer's website or your retailer to see if there are simple, affordable options available that meet the Windows 11 minimum requirements.

    storage service: 64 GB or more storage. If your computer doesn't have enough disk space, there are sometimes options to upgrade it. Check your computer manufacturer's website or your retailer to see if there are simple, affordable options available that meet the Windows 11 minimum requirements.

    System Software: UEFI (for a single extensible Firmware Interface, modern PC BIOS) and Secure Boot. If your device does not meet the minimum requirements because it does not provides secure boot, see this article to see if you can take the necessary steps to enable this feature. Secure Boot can only be enabled using UEFI, and this article will show you what settings can be changed to make this possible.

    TPM: Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0. If your device doesn't meet the minimum requirements due to TPM, check out this article to see if there are steps you can take to fix it.

    Video Cards: Compatible with DirectX 12 or later with WDDM 2.0 driver.

    Displays: A high-definition (720p) display that is larger than 9" diagonally, 8 bits per color channel. If the screen size is less than 9", the intended Windows user interface may not be fully visible.

    Internet connection and Microsoft accounts: Windows 11 First use requires an Internet connection and a Microsoft account.

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