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SkyDNS.School is a convenient and reliable Internet filter with a safe search option, created specifically for use in educational institutions and libraries.

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SkyDNS.School is a convenient and reliable Internet filter with a safe search option, created specifically for use in educational institutions and libraries. The solution combines ease of control and management of access to the Network, detailed statistics of online activity, support for any IP-addresses and ease of configuration. The filter fully meets all the requirements of the current Russian legislation on the protection of children from harmful information, extremism and pornography.

Key features of SkyDNS.School:

  • Centralized filtering of an unlimited number of devices, with no load on them. That. filtering is also possible on outdated, low-power computers of any type and with any operating system and on other devices with Internet access.
  • Self-management of filter settings. Our database now contains over 8 million sites divided into 50+ categories. In addition to the site database, you can independently determine which sites should be available or blocked (white and black access lists).
  • Safe search option (by texts and pictures) with filtering of extremism, pornography, drugs, etc.
  • Blocking online ads. The service will remove most of the banner, contextual, video ads and "pop-ups".
  • The option to block unknown sites and the "clean" Internet mode, which are indispensable when checking the prosecutor's office - with one click in your personal account, the filter switches to the access mode only to resources from the white list. This ensures that the check passes without any violations being found. By default, the white list includes more than 60,000 sites from educational resource directories, educational sites, and educational portals.
  • Display of blocking pages in the corporate style of the educational institution, without advertising.

The system filters and restricts access to sites containing negative information even before the information reaches the school computers.
Unlike analogues, the system does not require the installation of any hardware or software. Filtering can be installed: on the server, or on access points (Wi-Fi or wired), or on separate computers. There is no need to install any programs on protected computers at the educational institution.
SkyDNS.School complies with all the provisions and requirements of the Rules for Connecting Educational Institutions to the Unified Content Filtering System for Internet Access of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. At the same time, unhindered access to information is provided - it is provided in the regular filtering mode.
The filter allows you to track the use of Internet traffic - full statistics are provided on which resources were accessed, respectively, you can both limit such resources, and vice versa.

Setup Requirements: Download

Activation of the SkyDNS system for a new registration

To activate the purchased SkyDNS system to a new account, you need to follow the link and enter the registration code issued to you in the Promo code field.

After registration, you will automatically be assigned the tariff you purchased.
If you already have a registration on the SkyDNS website, then to enable the paid system, you need to contact the technical support service and provide the registration code you received.

You can contact the support service through the form on the site or via email


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