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EYESPRO EYE PROTECTION SOFTWARE develops the beneficial habit of keeping the screen at a safe distance from your eyes and protects your eyes from blue light in the evening to reduce eye fatigue.


Most people keep their gadgets too close to their eyes. For example, when you are lying in bed or on the couch, the distance to the screen is often no more than 20 to 25 centimeters.

According to a study by David Allumby, the number of myopic people has increased by 36% since 1997. If the progression continues, then by 2035 more than half of people worldwide (55%) will have low vision.

Books, newspapers, and computer monitors are usually located much further away. Prolonged contact with a close light source is very tiring for the eyes.

Thanks to a unique technology, the application measures the distance from the screen to the user's eyes, a warning appears at close proximity and the application waits for the person to remove the smartphone from the eyes.


The harmfulness of blue light is explained by the nature of our eyes - human receptors perceive images with a blue spectrum of colors as less clear, since they are shortwave and do not reach the bottom of the eyeball.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has named the range of blue spectrum wavelengths as the functional risk range for the retina.

It is better to turn on the blue filter in the late afternoon, when the body prepares for bed and produces the necessary hormones. So that the user does not forget to set filters on a daily basis, the application has an auto-timer.

Thus, installing a blue filter on your gadget will help preserve your eyesight and even help eliminate sleep problems.

The "Night mode" function allows you to filter out the spectrum of blue light from the screen of the gadget, which more than other colors affects eye fatigue, and can also have a positive effect on the general condition and sleep of a person.

System requirements

Android version 5.0 and higher


1. Download the application on Google Play by entering EyesPro in the search bar

2. Log in to the system using your EyesPro account (or register).

3. Enter the Payment menu, click License Code

4. Enter the 10-digit product key indicated on this receipt, click Submit.

The activation code provides the User with the ability to use all the functions of the Parental Control software product. The provision of access is governed by the User Agreement, which is posted in the application or at the link https://eyespro.net/oferta . Access to content is provided during the period specified in the Tariff, in accordance with the rules, restrictions and technical requirements specified in the User Agreement. Activation of the code confirms acceptance of the terms of the User Agreement. The activation code is not a security and cannot be returned, exchanged for cash, or exchanged for activation codes of a lower denomination.

The activation code can be used no more than once. An activation code that does not pass identification in the system or is identified as used is considered invalid.

Tariff connection territory: Russian Federation.

If you have any questions, please contact support at support@eyespro.net


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