OfficeSuite Personal electronic license for 1 year

OfficeSuite Personal electronic license for 1 year
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  • Manufacturer: MobiSystems
  • Number of devices: 1
  • Operating systems: Windows, Android, iOS
  • License type: basic
  • Platform: x64,x86
  • The delivery scope of the product: key,link
  • Sales channel: ESD
  • Partnumber: OFSUP-1Y

Great Price:  10656 

Microsoft Office Compatible

Work with any formats without limits!

Includes cross-platform license for 1 Windows PC, 1 smartphone and 1 tablet

  • DOCUMENT creation of an attractive appearance, providing various editing options and formatting.
  • Complex operations with the data in TABLES with the use of an extensive library of formulas, subtotals and conditional formatting settings with panel data and color chart.
  • Exciting PRESENTATION with the possibility of adding dozens of customizable shapes; transitions between slides and use your own photos, images and video.
  • Management of all accounts e-mail using the integrated MAIL client; exchange any documents via email in messages with formatted text.
  • Convenient formatting of PDF files, support fillable forms, export and conversion, digital security and certificates, advanced corrections and annotations, and much more.
  • 5 GB of free cloud storage (50 GB for Premium users) on disk MobiSystems Drive for quick file access regardless of your location.

To open this product, the device must meet all the minimum requirements:

  • Windows 10 version 14393.0 or later, Windows 10 version 14393.0 or later, Xbox One
  • X86
  • Keyboard Built-in keyboard
  • Mouse Built-in mouse

New in this version:

Improved the transfer of text
The perfect combination of text and graphics with enhanced word wrap.

Switching modes "right to left" and "left-right"
Change the writing direction in the paragraph in one motion.
In sleep mode, the module can now remain active even without an open document, which significantly reduces the boot time.

Filtering by date
Save time when working with large amounts of data using the new filter by date. Easily manage records and grouping by date, month and year.

Key command "redo"
Do not waste time doing the same thing several times. Press F4 to repeat the command.

Sleep mode
The module is now able to remain active even without an open spreadsheet, significantly reducing boot time.

The direction of writing from right to left in the tables
Add authenticity to your tables in Arabic or Hebrew using the RTL.

Improved markers and numbering
With new, improved options for bulleted and numbered lists to structure the abstract has become even easier.

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