Office programs

Office programs

Office programs - in the initial sense: a category of software designed to simplify the tasks and processes of office workers in order to increase their productivity for solving everyday tasks within the organization.
Categories of these programs range from corporate solutions, large, medium and small enterprises and even for individual professional and simple home use.

Despite the definition (Office programs), not only offices or enterprises use software to increase productivity.
These programs are also valuable to a variety of users, including schools, hobbyists and professionals, families and individuals.

Office programs are commonly referred to as word processing applications, working with spreadsheets, creating presentations, working with e-mail, creating notes and databases, collaboration software, and other types of software related to them.

Office programs in our store:

Project standard 2019
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Project professional 2019
1206.84 $
Visio standard 2019
368.82 $
Visio professional 2019
682.82 $


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