NOD32 Cyber Security

NOD32 Cyber Security
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The solution protects against hackers and all kinds of virus threats, including cross-platform. The usual design with low load on system resources
allow you to use the full power of your Mac.

  • Antivirus and antispyware
  • Device control (USB control)
  • Antiphishing (protection from phishing sites,
    stealing personal information)
  • High performance and low impact on system

  • Manufacturer: ESET

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Protect your Mac from virus attacks
and cross-platform threats

Worldwide there are more malicious programs aimed at Mac OS X. From the Trojans had already suffered hundreds of thousands of Apple computers. Protect your Mac from viruses, worms, spyware and prevent attacks from it on computers running Microsoft Windows operating systems and Linux.


Play and work
no slowdowns

Feel the full power of your computer

Antivirus economize on system resources and maintains a high performance of your Mac. You can freely play, work and to run demanding applications.

Install and forget or use all features of the program – you decide

The graphic interface of the antivirus is specially designed for Mac OS X, and therefore familiar and easy to use for Mac users. When you install you choose to use security settings by default, or configure them individually.

Protection against cross-platform threats

Protect your Mac from malicious apps, including cross platform, aimed at computers running Microsoft Windows operating systems and Linux. ESET NOD32 Cyber Security provides protection from all types of videosviagra, including viruses, worms and spyware.

  • Antivirus and antispyware - Detects all types of threats, including oriented operating systems Microsoft Windows and Linux, which are not dangerous for Mactechnologies ESET LiveGrid allows you to effectively and accurately detect malware before adding them to the virus databases
  • Antiphishing - Protects personal data (logins and passwords, credit card data etc.) from attempting theft via fake websites masquerading as the real
  • Device control(USB control) - Allows you to deny access to removable media (CD-ROM, FireWire, USB, iOS devices etc.) Prevents unauthorized copying of your data on winespectator
  • Auto-scan of removable media Scans devices and removable media for malware immediately after they connect to the computer
  • Scanning email and Internet traffic - Scans all web pages (HTTP) and checks all incoming emails (POP3/IMAP) for viruses and other threats
  • Cross-platform protection - Prevents attacks from your Mac on computers running Microsoft Windows operating systems and Linux

Feel the full power of your computer

The solution provides robust protection and it has no effect on system performance. You can use the full power of the computer for work, gaming and Internet search.

  • High performance - Maintains high computer performance and extends the life of its hardware
  • Presentation mode - Allows you to forget about annoying pop-UPS during presentations, movies and other full-screen applications. Blocks pop-up Windows and scheduled tasks security moves to another time to keep the speed of the applications and Internet
  • Quick updates - Automatic updates of ESET come frequently and in small portions so as not to affect the speed of the Internet connection and not interfere with your work

Install and forget or use all features of the program – you decide

ESET NOD32 Cyber Security has easy navigation and a modern design that is familiar to users of Mac OS X. After the installation program has all the recommended security settings and schedule scans which can be easily changed. Continuous protection for your Mac promotes the work of the antivirus in the background. ESET NOD32 Cyber Security appeals to you only when your intervention is really necessary.

  • Flexible configuration - Offers enhanced security settings that can be changed in accordance with user's needs. For example, you can set up a convenient time for the scan or size of the files to check
  • Action one-click - protection Status and the most frequently used functions available at a single click. Receiving from the system the security warning, you will quickly find the solution
  • The usual design - Design solutions familiar to users of Mac OS X the Program is intuitive, easy to navigate and allows you to quickly find what you need. The graphic interface of the antivirus is specially designed for Mac OS X

System requirements

Operating system:
ESET NOD32 Cyber Security works on any computer with the operating system
Mac OS X 10.6 and above

Internet connection

The link to the distribution: download

Before you begin the installation process, close all open programs.
ESET Cyber Security contains components that may conflict with other installed antivirus programs when available.

ESET strongly recommends that you remove any other virus protection to prevent possible problems.

Run setup

To start the installation wizard, do one of the following actions.

If you are installing using the file downloaded from the web of ESET website, open the file and double-click to Install.
At the initial stage of installation, the installer will automatically check online the availability of the latest version of the program. If it is found, the installer will offer to download it and start the installation process. After accepting the license agreement the installer will offer two types of installation.

Normal: during installation, you will configure only the most important parameters. For other parameters will be set to the recommended values. This type of installation provides recommended settings for comprehensive protection and is suitable for most users.

Custom: allows you to configure all the advanced options during the installation.

This guide describes a typical installation.

Join ESET Live Grid

Help us fight malware by joining our collaboration network. This will allow us to gather more samples of viruses and, therefore, is to provide the improved proactive protection and the higher scanning speed. You can activate this feature and thank you for your support.

The detection of potentially unwanted applications

Since some potentially unwanted applications are used legitimately and do not necessarily represent a security risk to enable discovery user consent is required.

Installation complete

When all needed settings are configured, start the final installation by clicking Install. A progress bar will display the installation progress. When the installation is complete, ESET Cyber Security will start automatically. Since a computer restart is not normally required, you can continue working while ESET Cyber Security will work in the background to protect your computer from threats.


To activate the program, follow the link and fill out the registration form.

After the installation window opens, Type the activation program. This window can also be opened in the section 's Home page or the Update of the main program window of ESET Cyber Security.

For the successful implementation of activation activation key you need to enter exactly in the form in which it is placed. If you want to extend an existing license, enter the activation key extension.
If you have received a user name and password, select Activate using a username and password and enter the license details in the appropriate fields.

ESET Cyber Security allows you to activate it in the Home page or Updating the main program window of ESET Cyber Security.

Starting ESET Cyber Security

ESET Cyber Security starts protecting your computer immediately after installation. To run the program, no need to open it. However, at any time you can open ESET Cyber Security to check the protection status or to perform various scanning and maintenance. To open ESET Cyber Security, click the ESET Cyber Security icon located in the menu bar of Mac OS (at the top of the screen) and select Open ESET Cyber Security.


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