WinZip 25

WinZip 25
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  • File compression to reduce attachment sizes
  • Unpacking all major file formats
  • Data protection in various ways
  • Access and manage local, network and cloud files
  • Connect to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.

  • Manufacturer: Corel

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Faster file search

Stop looking for files where there are none! Even if you don't remember where the file was saved, the new built-in WinZip search feature helps you quickly find the content you want among local, network and cloud files.

Combine multiple PDFs into a single file

WinZip Pro and Enterprise editions provide the functionality to combine multiple PDFs into a single PDF for saving, compressing, or sharing. The program also provides the ability to set the order of the pages of a PDF document for merging and protection using the security features of WinZip.

Optimized Zipx Compression

WinZip added ZSTD compression method to Zipx. ZSTD performs faster compression and decompression of various file formats and achieves a higher compression ratio than DEFLATE and DEFLATE64 algorithms.

Attaching favorites to the files panel

The handy WinZip File Panel, which is used to manage, compress and decompress files, now supports an attachment function. Favorite local, network or cloud files and folders are placed in the quick access section, from where they can be retrieved if necessary with a single click.

File panel supports shell extension

Shell expansion operations can now be performed directly from the file panel. Shell extensions can be added directly to the explorer context menu. Since the WinZip File Panel now supports these extensions, you no longer need to leave it to perform operations previously only available in Explorer.

Data backup jobs can be created directly in Explorer

WinZip Pro and Enterprise versions provide the function of creating data backup jobs directly from the explorer context menu. To do this, you need to find the files you need in Windows Explorer, select the option to create a WinZip task, and specify the frequency of starting and executing this task. WinZip will walk you through the processes of compressing and saving selected files, as well as optional notifications and sending functions.

Effective management of junk and obsolete files

WinZip's cleanup tools allow you to set a schedule to start searching for local, network, and cloud files that have not been used for a long time. The files found can then be deleted, archived, or moved. When using the new "Skip" option, the specified files are not marked for further processing. WinZip Pro and Enterprise versions provide the ability to create custom cleaning tools with filter settings.

Direct access improves performance when working with zip files

WinZip Direct Access improves productivity by downloading only the parts of the zip file that you need. The larger the zip file, the better the performance. Direct Access downloads additional parts of the zip file in the background and keeps them ready while you select files to decompress or view.

Convenient switching between Zip and Zipx

Now, when creating Zip and Zipx files, you can use a simple ribbon switch to switch between these formats. The destination format (Zip or Zipx) can be selected directly while saving the file.

Expanded cloud service support for WinZip Enterprise

The list of cloud services provided to WinZip Enterprise users has been expanded: WinZip now supports OpenStack and SwiftStack regions and credentials, as well as cloud providers Alibaba, Wasabi, HP, Oracle, Azure, WebDAV, CenturyLink, IONOS, and OVH.

Use Drag and Drop to add to Zip archive in WinZip File Panel

Easily add files to a Zip file archive in the WinZip Files panel. Just drag and drop files into the Zip File Archive in the WinZip Files Panel and they'll be added - just like that!

Direct access technology for faster display and unzip

WinZip Direct Access technology dramatically reduces the time it takes to display and unzip large Zip files stored in the cloud.

Request to unpack and open

Now you can instantly unzip any zip file from Explorer, WinZip File Panel, WinZip Ribbon, or File menu. In addition, the program provides tools for unpacking zip files into source folder, document folder or any other folder.

Unpacking to a folder in the files panel

Unpacking any file into the folder selected in the file panel can be done with one click.

Accelerated launch

Significantly faster application launch allows you to increase work efficiency and fully concentrate on completing current tasks.

POSIX TAR support

POSIX TAR files can now be opened and decompressed in the updated compression format.

Replacing zip files with their contents

It is possible to quickly and easily unpack a group of zip-files and then replace them with native files.

Create split zip files from explorer

This handy feature creates a multi-part zip file so you can easily distribute large files without worrying about timeouts and file upload / download errors.

Compress MP3 files

Optimized MP3 compression lets you store more music on your phone and cloud, and easily share playlists. Thanks to the improved Zipx format, WinZip 25 compresses MP3 files by an average of 15 - 20% without loss of quality.

Unpacking any archives

Support for the widest range of archive types in the industry allows you to extract content from a wide variety of compression formats, including Zip, Zipx, RAR, 7Zip, BZ2, LHA / LZH, VHD / VDMK, XZ, and more. To prevent data misuse when unpacking WinZip encrypted files automatically destroys all temporarily extracted copies.

Compress files from anywhere

Easily find the local, network and cloud files and folders you are constantly working with in the dynamically updated section "Frequently used folders".

Working with WinZip Features from Other Applications

WinZip Express allows you to use popular WinZip features even while working in other applications. Compress, send, encrypt and more in Explorer, Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook. You can also use a scanner (Pro only) and work with photos (Pro only). * WinZip Express tools now support Office 2016.

Flexible interface

Touch support lets you work with WinZip on any computer or touchscreen device. WinZip is optimized for 2-in-1 devices and automatically changes its interface depending on whether you are using your device in tablet or laptop mode.

New opportunities

More efficient file compression with duplicate file detection

You may not notice, but your Zipx files often contain duplicate files, increasing the size of the zip file. WinZip 25 detects and eliminates duplicate files, instead of archiving them, storing them as a link to save space. Your files remain the same - but your Zipx files will be smaller than ever.

Sort your photos in the cloud

Use WinZip to automatically sort your photos by year and month. Forget the endless scrolling of photos - storing, managing and sharing your most precious memories has never been easier.

Keep the zip file content up to date by keeping it true to the source

Update the contents of the zip file to maintain consistency with the original folder. The documents you archive change all the time, and now it takes less effort to keep all your zip files up to date.

PDF merge functions

WinZip 25 Pro gives you the ability to merge all your PDFs, even those created in WinZip during conversion. Now you can combine many different files and images into a single PDF document in one simple step.

Sign new and existing PDFs

Use WinZip Pro to sign PDFs right from your computer. All types of PDFs are supported - from sent to you to files converted to PDF using WinZip. Sign and send important documents in seconds, and WinZip's bank-grade encryption gives you peace of mind.

Access and edit files others are sharing with you

Easily access shared folders in OneDrive and Google Drive to better collaborate with your team. You can clearly see which folders are owned by others, and WinZip 25 gives you the ability to archive, extract, encrypt and decrypt files stored in shared folders.

Automatically save cloud files

WinZip has always provided the ease of working with files stored in the cloud, but WinZip 25 represents a whole new level. WinZip 25 automatically saves your work on files to the cloud, so you can be sure you never lose important work.

Easy Access to Background Tools

The WinZip Background Tools keep your folders in order - like an invisible team of technicians working on your computer. WinZip 25 gives you access to these powerful tools right from the WinZip Ribbon and schedules background tasks to run concurrently.

Seamless integration with Microsoft Teams

You can now share zip files with colleagues in Microsoft Teams thanks to the all-new WinZip integration with Microsoft Teams. Just use WinZip's Instant Messaging feature to easily share zip files in your chosen Microsoft Teams channel.

System Requirements

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Internet Explorer 8 or newer

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