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Parental control from SkyDNS is a convenient and reliable service that will help protect your loved ones from Internet threats.

"SkyDNS.Home+" is an extended version of the "SkyDNS.Home" tariff, which is suitable for large families with a large number of home devices connected to the Internet. Users of this solution can fine-tune and create more options for Internet access rules.

Every day children and adults use the Internet. However, there are many dangers on the web. Children's unsupervised use of the Internet at home may cause them to accidentally or intentionally see information or images that are inappropriate for their age or mental development.

With SkyDNS Parental Control, you can protect your loved ones from the negative effects of the Internet, as well as quickly and efficiently manage access to websites.

SkyDNS.Home allows you to set up a different level of Internet access for each family member individually, depending on his age and needs. Choose which categories of sites will be available and which ones will be securely blocked, create your own "blacklists" of sites and make the Internet in your home absolutely safe!

Additional functions:

  • Blocking most types of online advertising.
  • Blocking sites 18+ and other resources dangerous for the child's psyche.
  • Own secure search engine.
  • A special YouTube kids mode that can't be turned off.
  • Protection against virus and phishing sites at the network level.
  • Filtration schedule for productive homework :)

For mom, for dad, for children of different ages, for the elderly members of your family - everyone has their own Internet!

The service is easily configured on any device connected to your home Wi-Fi, and also has a special program for easy configuration on computers running Windows.

You can find detailed instructions for installing and configuring the service on the site

Setup Requirements: Download

Activation of the SkyDNS system for a new registration

To activate the purchased SkyDNS system to a new account, you need to follow the link and enter the registration code issued to you in the Promo code field.

After registration, you will automatically be assigned the tariff you purchased.
If you already have a registration on the SkyDNS website, then to enable the paid system, you need to contact the technical support service and provide the registration code you received.

You can contact the support service through the form on the site or via email

Setup guide: download


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