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Adguard is one of a kind Internet filter that allows you to use the Internet just as You want it. Enjoy a number of interesting sites without annoying ads, tracking your every move counters the danger of viruses and fraud scams.

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Protection from phishing and malicious sites

Adguard blocks access to websites that can harm You or Your computer. Anti-phishing databases contain millions of sites and constantly replenished automatically. In addition, Adguard blocks access to all ad networks through which the propagation of viruses.

These two factors give You comprehensive protection is comparable on quality with any web antivirus on the market. Why pay more when You have Adguard?

Savings and web acceleration

Filtering and blocking ads gives You unprecedented savings, incomparable with any other solutions. If you are using a 3G modem to access the Internet - Adguard You just need.

Filtering and blocking ads gives You unprecedented savings

Set up online for yourself!

Adguard gives You unprecedented opportunities for setting up any website by itself. Notice in the lower right corner of any web page you can see a little button of a browser module Adguard.

Browser module allows you to customize the site for yourself, remove annoying elements yourself, or report the site to us.

Find out which websites you can trust

Through collaboration with Web of Trust, you will always be aware of the reputation of the websites that you visit. Protect yourself from dubious websites and online fraud. Assessment of sites in WOT are formed from the views of the community in which millions of users share their experiences and findings.

You will always be aware of the reputation of websites that you visit.

Minimum system requirements:

Operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, MAC OS X, since 10.7 64-bit

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 or later.

Free disk space: 100 MB

RAM: 256 MB

Download the installation file: for Windows, MAC

Activating Adguard for Windows:

1. Install and run Adguard

2. Select "License" from the program menu

3. Enter your license key and click "Activate"

Activating Adguard for MAC:

1. Open the applications menu
2. Open the options by clicking on the gear icon and in the drop down menu select "License".
3. In the opened window enter your license key and click "Activate license key"


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