Kaspersky Total Security

Kaspersky Total Security
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• Maximum security features for all devices
• Password manager to create and securely store passwords
• Automatic backup of valuable data to the cloud
• Internet payment protection tools
• Parental controls for Windows and Mac
• Convenient web portal for managing security

  • Manufacturer: Kaspersky Lab

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If you want to really control everything

Now you have a special account for organizing protection: connecting a device to a license, managing protection on family computers, managing a smartphone and tablet, working with Password Manager, etc. You can do all this in your Personal Account on My Kaspersky portal .

You have many accounts and passwords from them

Several email addresses, accounts on all popular social networks and registration on various sites - all this resembles a house of cards. If one account was hacked, then there is a threat to everyone else. And just forgetting passwords and constantly recovering them is an unpleasant waste of time and an additional risk. Rid yourself of unnecessary worries - entrust the creation, storage, substitution and synchronization of passwords to a special application on each of your devices.

You are the lucky owner of a smartphone, tablet, laptop and other devices

A lot of devices, a lot of data on each of them, a lot of threats for each of the operating systems. There is an exit! Install protection on all your devices and manage it centrally on the My Kaspersky portal. No more threats, and a lost smartphone is easier to find thanks to geolocation services as part of anti-virus for Android.

If your data is of financial value

No one has the right to access your personal data and use it for personal gain. And even if fraudsters think otherwise, Kaspersky Total Security for all devices will ensure the integrity of your information and tools. Special technologies will protect your passport data, bank card numbers, and even the phonebook on your smartphone.

If you have a big family

Cybercriminals consider every member of your family to be their target. Children are trustful and can pass on personal data to scammers, and their psyche is vulnerable to “adult” content that they can see on the Internet. The older generation is easy to scare and blackmail. And even the most active and experienced users are not immune to online payments that lead to the theft of money. Take care of each of your loved ones! Protect your child’s computer using the Parental Controls function, configure the opening of payment sites only in the Safe Money mode, and provide a safe environment for those who are not ready to deal with the dangers of the Internet on their own.

Key Features

• Manage security for all devices
• Management via the Internet using the convenient web portal My Kaspersky
• Check the protection status of each device
• Remote configuration of protection functions on Windows and Mac devices
• Managing the functions of the Anti-Theft module to search for a lost device and manage data on it
• Purchase, renewal and management of licenses of Kaspersky Lab products for all devices
• Password manager for all devices provides the creation of strong passwords, their safe storage, automatic synchronization and substitution on all devices
• Instantly check the security of files, programs and websites to effectively block threats for Windows, Mac and Android
• Anti-Phishing prevents identity theft on fake websites and is available on the platforms Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Windows Phone
• Optimal feature set, intuitive interface and high performance on any device

Security Features for Windows

• Scheduled backup puts valuable data from selected folders on your Windows computer into the cloud storage, which is accessible from all devices
• Encryption of valuable data on your Windows computer provides the highest level of security
• Computer cleaners enhance security and support productivity
• Secure payments function to protect financial transactions on the Internet
• Parental controls to protect children from the negative effects of the Internet now support a safe search on the social network www.vk.com
• Protection against unauthorized connection to the webcam prevents surveillance of you through the camera of your computer
• Control of Internet traffic helps to optimize costs when connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G (available for Windows 8 and above)
• Protection against ransomware prevents damage to your files by malware
• Checking the security of public Wi-Fi networks helps protect you from data theft through insecure networks
• Vulnerability scan prevents malware from exploiting vulnerabilities in the system and applications
• Safe Programs mode allows the launch of only trusted applications and restricts the operation of all suspicious programs
• Free automatic updating and transition to a new version keeps protection up to date

Android Security Features

• Search for a device in case of loss or theft
• Lock and the ability to remotely erase data from a lost device
• Check links in received SMS messages
• Filter unwanted calls and SMS
• Personal contacts hidden from prying eyes

Security Features for Mac OS

• Secure payments function to protect financial transactions on the Internet
• Antivirus for Mac protects against virus attacks and other threats created specifically for Mac
• Parental controls protect children from the negative impact of the Internet

Secure Browser for iOS and Windows Phone

• Protection from going to infected and fraudulent sites
• Blocking inappropriate web content (pornography, violence, etc.)
• Available for free on the AppStore and Windows Store

from Microsoft Windows Vista® and higher

• Processor: 1 GHz
• Memory: 1 GB (32 bit) or 2 GB (64 bit)

Microsoft Windows XP

• Processor: 800 MHz
• Memory: 512 Mb

Mac OS

• Mac OS X 10.7-10.10 (Intel® Processor)
• Memory: 1 GB
• 350 MB of free hard disk space

Product Activation Procedure:

1. Download the program distribution link.

2. Install Kaspersky Total Security.

3. Activate the program using the received activation code.


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